Taking A Compressor Home

Hi Bill,

Thanks for your great forum. I am going to purchase a Sanborn 60 Gallon Oil Lubricated 3.7hp Belt Drive Air Compressor. My question is, how do I get it home? Can I lay it down in my trailer, or does it need to sit upright?

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Sep 29, 2016
Taking the air compressor home
by: Bill

If the air compressor is oil lubed, and there is oil in the sump, then turning the compressor on it's side is akin to turning your truck on it's side.

Oil can flow where it is not supposed to go, and if there is any debris in the oil sump, that could also end up where it should not.

If there is water in the tank, that water will slosh around, and if there is debris in the tank too, likely this will end up in the tank check valve, perhaps rendering it inoperable.

For my money, I would not transport any compressor in any orientation other than right side up.

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