T30 242 5N vertical reciprocating compressor pressure switch

by Joe
(Burlington, MA)

Hi Bill,

I have a T30-242-5N vertical reciprocating compressor, year made 1984.

After plumbing and wiring the compressor I started it, the compressor kept running until the pressure gauge was reading 155 psi at that point, several things happened:

- I had a leak at one of the pipe joints
- the pipe connecting the engine head and the side pressure relief valve got very hot to > 250 degree F (not sure if this is normal)

At that point I shut off the compressor and decided to change the pressure switch to another with a lower cutout level ex. 100 to 125 psi.

My question is should I go ahead and change the pressure switch to a lower pressure level or add an air regulator (3/4" NPT) to keep the higher pressure buildup in the tank and regulate the pressure going out to the pipes at 100 psi.

Normally I'll need 80 psi at the terminals.
The filter housing has 4 round pads about 2.5" dia., the first one was dusty which I'd like to buy new however don't know where they sell them.

The oil level is up to the cap level and so far I couldn't find a site glass to adjust the oil further.

Please help me since I'm stuck and can't get my shop going without the compressor.

Best regards,


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May 11, 2014
by: Doug in s.d.ca

Are you connecting the receiver directly to your plant?
That's OK, if you have regulators on the plant pipe(s).

But, that's a 200PSI compressor. And yes, it will run pretty hot.

You probably want to leave the pressure switch alone (assuming it cuts off at 200psi), and add a regulator between your plant and the receiver. Might wanna fix that leak, too.

It's also possible your pressure switch is adjustable, you can do that, too, if you want.

See the pages on regulators and plant piping.

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