Swapping out my old pump with a new b5900 pump on Devilbiss

Old Devilbiss pump

Old Devilbiss pump

Old Devilbiss pump
New b5900 pump

ii am putting a new b5900 pump on my DeVilbiss 6hp, 80 gallon standing compressor.

The issue is that the spot on the old compressor wear the air tube that goes going into the tank and then the pump.

Now the new pump has some sort of cooling attachment and I don't know we're on the new pump the attach the air inlet hose that goes into the tank.

If anybody can help me solve this problem I would be grateful.

John west

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Sep 23, 2015
Roll your own tank line
by: Bill

Having had much "fun" trying to bend soft copper tubing over the years, let me add that you will want to rent or borrow a bending tool for the copper, else, you will almost certainly crimp it making a significant impediment to air flow.

Sep 23, 2015
New outlet tube - roll your own
by: Anonymous

Looks like the new pump is made to be a drop-in, but they have not made a replacement tube, probably because of variations in OEM design:
Item Code: AC-0751
Categories Air Compressors
Weight 0.35 LB

The AC-0751 Outlet tube has been discontinued by the manufacture with no replacement part or substitution.

This AC-0751 Outlet tube can be made with a section of 1/2" Soft Copper Tubing that can be found at a local hardware store and bent to allow proper air flow to reach the tank.

The new soft copper outlet tube does not have to follow the same pattern as the original outlet tube.

The main caution is to make sure it does not have any tight bends or flat spots from too tight of a bend. - unquote

You do want a bend for strain relief, and to make it removable without removing the pump.

Have fun.

Sep 23, 2015
New b5900 pump on Devilbiss
by: Bill

It looks like the design engineer has made the pipe from the pump into a heat exchanger to help cool the air before it gets into the tank, John.

As you say, it also looks like that modified tank feed line now interferes with where the line normally would enter the tank.

Any way you can add an elbow fitting where the air exits the pump head to move the tank line sideways, giving access to the tank fitting?

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