Sullivan Palatek Air Compressors

Sullivan Palatek air compressors are not new to the North American compressor marketplace. If you are seeking information on Sullivan Palatek compressors, and have not been able to obtain if from them, the forum on this page will help.

Over thirty years ago a fledling company was formed to supply services to existing compressor companies. Today, through acquisition and being acquired themselves, Sullivan-Palatek air compressors offer a broad assortment of electric and portable compressors from 5 HP up to 495 HP, those in their VFD series.


If you have a problem with your Sullivan Palatek air compressor, the first place you want to go to is the manufacturer. Contact information is:

Sullivan-Palatek, Inc.
1201 West US Highway 20
Michigan City, IN 46360
Phone: (219) 874-2497
Fax: (219) 809-0203
Toll free: (800) 438-6203

Sullivan-Palatek air compressor are available from select industrial compressor distributors North America, and in many countries. Contact the head office for information about the distributor nearest you.

Use the following form to get assistance with your Sullivan-Palatek air compressor problem from fellow owners and users. This is the place where you can both ask a question about your compressor problem, or, help another by offering an answer to their question.

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Sullivan Palatek Air Compressors

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D375 Sullivan-Palatek 2012 - smell burning oil 
i have a 2012 Sullivan Palatek DF375PDJD eng starts well comp comes up to 50 psi like normal.when I turn to run it comes up to normal psi then you smell …

Sullivan model 02100H10jd wont pump any air 
Starts-up, runs, but wont pump any air. new lines, filter, still no air

Sullivan D125Q5 john deere unloading at wrong time?  
Sullivan D125Q5 towable john deere engine unloading at wrong time? Hello, I run my compressor for media blasting. It starts fine and starting off …

Reset maintenance alarm on a sp16-100 
How do you reset the maintenance alarm on a sp16-100. Trying to reset maintenance alarm code

sullivan palatek 25d4c not buiding enough pressure 
Pressure at airend is 120 psi, tank is at 90. Replaced oil filter, air filter, oil separator. Also compressor will not run in auto mode...just in run mode. …

sullivan palatek 25d4c not buiding enough pressure 
Pressure at airend is 120 psi, tank is at 90. Replaced oil filter, air filter, oil separator. Also compressor will not run in auto mode...just in run mode. …

Sullivan Palatek m10 squealing noise 
My compressor makes an awful squealing noise when running. The noise happens randomly but always shortly after startup. The guy who sold it to me does …

sullivan palatek 2100 does not make air? 
sullivan palatek 2100 starts and revs up to high but does not make air.

SulliVan Palatek 20D passing oil 
Our SP Model 20D starting passing oil after we serviced it recently. We changed the filters and pulled the radiator and gave the fins a thorough cleaning …

Sullivan Paletek 375 not unloading 
Sullivan paletek 375 not unloading when shutting down After shut down few minutes later can hear a zing clang noise then later the start up is ok.

No output Sullivan 375 John Deere tow behind  
Compressor runs builds air but no air from outlets 160 psi on guage bleeds down when compressor is turned off and builds up when running but no output …

D375QH pull behind blowing hydraulic filter seal 
My Sullivan palatek D375QH compressor runs great but keeps blowing out the seal on top of hydraulic filter

D1600HAF pressure goes up to 200 
when you turn the air valve and releasing the air works fine but when you turn off the air valve the pressure goes up to 200 and up the pressure

sullivan palatek electric 30 DG has a vibration 
electric sullivan palatek DG has a vibration at all times builds air fine

Sullivan Palatek only runs for 8 seconds 
Sullivan Palatek compressor will run for 8 seconds and cut off. Runs for 8 seconds and then it crashes.

D210PHJD Builds pressure, but will not maintain pressure under load. 
I use the compressor to run a media blasting rig and just completed a large job. The compressor has less than 500hrs. and all fluid levels are within normal …

What oil for Sullivan Palatek screw type compressor  
our compressor is automatically shutdown after 3 hrs

How to reset the fault codes palatek d375pdcu? 
anyone know how to reset the fault codes on a diesel driven palatek d375pdcu? i have 2 "low coolant" codes id like to remove from the system, is there …

Seeking info for Sullivan-Palatek 
Operator manual/electrical diagram for Sullivan compressor. I have a Sullivan Industries diesel compressor (model D100Q6) but am having trouble locating …

Sullivan Palatek D210 fuel leaks into tank 
Sullivan Palatek pull behind D210 Compressor fuel leaks back down into tank. My compressor uses a John Deer motor. I have had a problem of it starting …

Sullivan-palatek 165 diesel stalls under a load 
have a Sullivan-paltek 165 diesel compressor, bought it used and has ran good, it just started acting up, seems like once its time to start sand blasting …

What type of oil for a sullivan 185 compressor? 
What type of oil?? Mechanic say turbine oil. What is that??? Help Mechanic is telling me I need turbine oil. I never heard of that. I thought I …

Sullivan 210D Running Away!!!!! 
I've got a Sullivan 210D with a John Deere diesel motor. I live in WNY and it's been exceptionally cold this winter. It seems that on the sub-freezing …

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