Sullair LS-10 compressor high after cooler temperature

by Chris
(Auburn Wa. USA)

Sullair LS-10 25 hp compressor.

We are getting high after cooler temperatures of 235 degrees and the compressor is shutting down. Service company cleaned after cooler radiator and insisted that the cabinet panels be left on for better air flow. Do the cabinet panels need to be on for proper airflow? Or does leaving them off help airflow.

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Jun 21, 2018
Sullair LS-10 Cooling
by: Carl

Yes, keep the covers on, there must be another explanation to your overheating.

So the cooler is clean, is the cooler actually hot when it is overheating?

Your thermo valve may need to be replaced if not.

I’m guessing you’ve checked your oil level is correct?

Is your compressor in an enclosed space? It may be that it’s recirculating hot air and "cooking" itself?

Next if your fan is electric, check that it’s working.

When was it last serviced?

Are all the oil pipes in the oil system clear? Might be worth removing them one by one and blowing them out. There may be a restriction

Could you check all the above and reply with your results, we’ll go from there, but my guess is that thermo valve at the moment.


Jun 20, 2018
Sullair LS-10 airflow
by: Doug in

Yes. Sullair and almost every other manufacturer design the cover/fan system for maximum efficiency with the covers on.

You might do better with covers off, but only if you have a high volume fan.

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