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SULLAIR AIR COMPRESSOR – it shutdown when we open the outlet air line?

by Tarek Hizam

Sullair Air Compressor Model: 260
Sullair Air Compressor Model: 260

My compressor is Sullair Air Compressor Model: 260

I start on the engine it runs fine but when we press the button of the compressor it shutdown when we open the outlet airline from the compressor.


Check the sensor on the hydraulic tank.
by: Anonymous

The sensor on the hydraulic tank is bad.

185 Sullair portable engine shutting down?

by Fred schave
(Gillette wy.)

185 Sullair portable with John Deere engine. will run about 2 minutes and shut down and flashes engine temp. what could be the problem

When you say the compressor flashes engine temperature, I understand this to be their SSAM system – with a Shutdown annunciator light for high compressor temperature, high engine coolant temperature, low engine oil pressure, and engine under speed.

That being the case, then obviously, the thermal cut-out is shutting off the engine to prevent damage due to overheating. An air compressor motor overheating is common, visit our guide for more information!

The system is showing you an engine overheat situation, so I would look to the oil levels and I would make sure the coolant is topped up.

185 Sullair w john deere engine
by: Old equipment junkie

Same problem with the engine shutting down after 6 to 10 minutes of running. Will not start until several hours and then start up and run about 6 to 10 minutes.
I was told it could be the fuel return line could be blocked and creating the problem.
Any thoughts on this idea?

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