sullair 4509 /A has oil in air filter elemnt

by paul

Sullair 4509/A air compressor

Sullair 4509/A air compressor

I have a issue with air compressor Sullair model 4509/A found oil in air filter element.

Could u assist me please in this issue?


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Dec 17, 2015
Compressor repair
by: Bill

Jake, you should post your information here:

Dec 17, 2015
sullair inlet valves
by: Jake Morris

I know Sullair compressors inside & out.I just serviced one of those units. Sullair changed from the butterfly inlet to the poppet style inlet several years ago. When they did, they also eliminated the oil stop valve and the discharge check valve and now they depend on the poppet style inlet valve alone. If the unit loads and unloads often, the o rings & other seals in the inlet wear. Try rebuilding the inlet valve. this should fix the problem.You may also contact me if you ever need parts or tech support.
Compressed Air Solutions LLC.

Sep 09, 2014
Inlet valve
by: Carl

Hi Paul,
Having oil in your air filter with any screw compressor points in the direction of a problem with your inlet valve, you can have it serviced with a service kit by your local compressor company.

It can also happen if the compressor is turned off by the emergency stop button or isolator too often. The reason it is doing it is if in the first instance (inlet valve needing servicing), over time it becomes "lazy" and when it goes from being onload to offload, it doesn't close quickly enough, the air pressure rushed past the valve bringing oil with it and into the air filter, a servicing should sort that out.

In the second instance (incorrect switching off) if you hit the emergency stop or switch it off at the wall and the compressor is onload (pumping air) the inlet valve is open, the same thing happens as before, air rushes past the valve, bringing oil with it. Which one reason why you should always press the stop button because it goes through a procedure before it actually switches off.

Hope that helps


Sep 09, 2014
oil in air filter
by: Doug in

Check your manual and verify that you are following the correct shutdown sequence.

Failure to do so can cause this.

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