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About the Sullair 375 Construction Air Compressor

The Sullair 375 construction air compressor is what is termed as a portable. It is designed and built to be towed to a construction site, and there to provide up to 375 CFM of compressed air at 100 PSI.

Being a construction compressor, the power plant is a gasoline or diesel fueled internal combustion engine, driving a rotary screw compressor.

In 2018 the new 375 has a number of power plants available, including the: Caterpillar CATC4.4 (T2), an Inline 4, 4-Stroke-Cycle Diesel or a John Deere JD4045HF cylinder inline diesel.

Designed for field use and user convenience, the new Sullair 375 offers lage service doors, multi-piece canopy for ease of partial or complete canopy removal for greater compressor service, complete highway-towable trailer package, and a curbside instrument panel for user convenience, among many other features.

Sullair 375 Construction Air Compressor
Sullair 375 Construction Air Compressor

Sullair has been building portable rotary air compressors for construction use since 1965 at their Michigan City Indiana location, and via their international supplier in China, and sell their compressors world-wide.

Those looking for help with their Sullair 375 construction air compressors should first access their service network at their plant, by phone or online at https://americas.sullair.com.

Sullair, LLC
North America Operations
3700 East Michigan Boulevard
Michigan City, IN 46360

Or, if you have a problem or question about your Sullair 375 compressor and you would like to ask other owner’s about it, this page is my forum on that model of Sullair. Simply review the existing comments below for a solution or answer, and if you don’t find it, ask your question using the forum below.

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