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Sullair 185 Model# 185DP0CA keeps shutting down

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‘Inherited’ a Sullair 185 (age unknown)

Starts up great when cold and begins to build pressure up to 120 psi max…

Runs for under 3 minutes and shuts down(restarts immediately though)

No idiot lights etc…

New Sullair 185 air compressor
New Sullair 185 air compressor

Oil level, fuel etc is good.


~Virtual Handshake~
Mark E Harnett


Could Be Fuel filter?
by: Doug in s.d.ca


To Doug from s.d. – re shutdown of 185
by: Mark

It shuts down quickly, no slugging.

But it does it much sooner now.

Thought it may have been low on compressor oil and sure enough it was quite low. Threw a gallon in and it was not enough to show on the sight glass.

Going to get more oil and even though it shuts down fast I WILL check the filter!

~Virtual Handshake~



Fixed and running
by: Mark

Turned out to be the oil pressure sending unit! Replaced and works perfect…

Thanks to all that helped.


Ah ha!
by: Doug in s.d.ca

Good it was something simple.

By Aidan Weeks

A passionate Mechanical Engineer with endless enthusiasm for fluid power - building off the back of over 18 years of high quality contribution and discussion stimulated by Bill Wade here at About Air Compressors. With both practical and theoretical experience in pneumatics and hydraulics, I'm putting my knowledge to work - and working my grey-matter through my research, assistance and publishing work here at About Air Compressors. Feel free to reach out any time! P.S. A HUGE shout out to Doug who really offers such great value to all visitors to About Air Compressors - once again, feeling like I'm standing on the shoulders of GIANTS by getting to work alongside such a great community

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