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Over the years there have been many questions posed on this forum page about Sullair compressors, with many of them being about the Sullair 185 construction compressor. Since there is a lot of interest in this particular model of Sullair, this is now the forum page for the Sullair 185 construction compressor.

All existing questions and response about the Sullair 185 construction compressor have been moved to this forum. A good first step in resolving and issue with the 185 is to reviewe the existing questions and answers. Odds are good that your question has already been answered.

As I say, this forum page is to do only with the Sullair 185 construction compressor and questions posted about any other model  cannot be published here. If your Sullair compressor model is different, please use the general Sullair tow-behind forum on this page.

Sullair 185 construction compressor
Photo: https://www.sullair.com/

The logical first step to finding an answer to a Sullair 185 Construction Compressor problem is, of course, Sullair themselves.

In North America, Sullair compressors can be reached here:

Sullair, World Headquarters
3700 East Michigan Boulevard
Michigan City, IN 46360
W: www.sullair.com/americas/en

This page is for folks that, so far, have not been able to resolve an issue with the Sullair 185 construction compressor by themselves, and want to reach out to the user community for help.

If you are a user of the Sullair 185 and you have a moment to spare, please have a look at the questions and – where possible – offer advice. That would be a great help for the original poster and other Sullair 185 air compressor users too.

Feel free to download this Sullair 185 specification sheet .

Thanks much to all the questioners and to all those that help providing the answers needed.


Existing Sullair 185 construction compressor questions:

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