Suitable pressure switch for Speedaire 3Z355J

by Todd
(Longmont, Colorado)

Speedaire 3Z355J

Speedaire 3Z355J

Speedaire 3Z355J
Speedaire 3Z355J
Speedaire 3Z355J


I have attached some pictures of the part that needs replaced on my air compressor.The picture with cover off shows the switch at the top (X*215, upside down). The actual switch that you flip no longer works. It is stuck in the on position. Is there a suitable replacement for this unit? Thanks
Sorry for the delay with the response.
Hi Todd...

That looks like and oldie and a goodie air compressor.

Here is how I would approach this if it were my compressor.

The line from the tank enters the pressure switch and the pressure switch "reads" the pressure in the tank, ready to turn the compressor motor off when the pressure reaches cut out, and turn the compressor on when the pressure reaches cut in.

The ON/OFF switch allows the compressor user to turn the power off to the pressure switch, presumably to ensure that the compressor will not auto-cycle in the user's absence, if there is a leak in a fitting or line.

You can accomplish the same thing by pulling the plug from the socket. If the air in the tank falls below cut in with the plug pulled, the compressor will not start until the plug is, once again, inserted into the socket. That as soon as the plug is inserted your air compressor might start, might give you, too, a bit of a start, but then, the same on sequence occurs when you hit the ON switch. So... why do you need an on off switch.

What I would do is select any switch with the same voltage, the same pressure settings (close counts) and one that interfaces with the unloader valve. I cannot see how your current switch does that, but it may be on the obverse of the photo.

A pressure switch is a pressure switch. Your air compressor won't care what switch it is as long as the power gets to the motor when the pressure in the tank reaches cut in, and the power shuts off when the pressure reaches cut out and ... that the unloader valve opens on cut out.



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Nov 26, 2018
Switch fix
by: Rick T.

I’ve installed an in-line on/off switch on the cord coming off the compressor.

The pressure switch was (failed) in the on position anyway. Been using it for years like this. It’s a quick and inexpensive fix. No need for a whole new pressure/regulator box.

I’ve heard a lot of switches broke in the "on" position. This is what worked for me.

You could also buy an extension cord with the on/off switch already installed if you don’t know how to install one yourself.

(Use of an extension cord - which we don't recommend - will work as long as it is of sufficient gauge not to restrict power to the compressor motor. Moderator)

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