Stripped bolt/nut inside regulator.

by Brian
(Boulder, CO)

Disassembled compressed air regulator

Disassembled compressed air regulator

Disassembled compressed air regulator
Stripped bolt/nut from air regulator

Hey Bill,

I have a small hyperbaric chamber that I use for silicone mold making.(I work in a small custom jewelery shop.) The bolt and nut inside the regulator that controls the air pressure from the compressor are stripped, making it unable to adjust the pressure on the spring. Is it possible to find just the bolt and nut, or do I need to go out and buy a new regulator?
Hello back at you, Brian. My thoughts have always been that since the regulators that are installed on lower cost air compressors are - being kind - perhaps not the best quality, and very few stores that sell air components stock any sorts of parts for regulators, and taking your time into account in sourcing parts and then tearing down and reassembling the regulator, I've decided that I'll replace rather than try to repair a failed air compressor regulator.

Having said that, if you like tinkering and have the time, press on.

Me, I'll get a new one. I've added a source below of one that might suit.

Good luck.


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