Startup SanbornS51-AT24-80V after several years

by ke[email protected]
(Virginia Beach)

I have an older Sanborn compressor Model S51-AT24-80V SN M0765292. It has been sitting unused for several years.

I applied power to it very briefly and noted that it squeaked and seemed to slow a bit.

My suspicion is that the piston is squeaking in the cylinder due to lack of lubrication.

I checked the oil level in the view window - it is over the red dot.

I looked at the top but could not see any way to get oil into the top of the cylinder.

Could you help me and suggest any tips to return this unit to service?

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Dec 20, 2014
Response 1
by: Ken

I believe my pump is the one you cite since the compressor is a 5HP, 175psi, 2-stage compressor but I have not confirmed that particular model number is imprinted on the pump. If you know where the model number is located on the pump, that would be helpful since the compressor is currently difficult to get to.

I cannot attempt to lean the compressor on its side since it is surrounded by other equipment but will do so as soon as I have access.

I will try opening the outlet valve and powering the compressor in the next day or so.

Dec 20, 2014
by: Doug in

Do you know if it's got the original B5900 pump?

That's a two-stage, 175PSI unit, 5HP minimum.

It appears to be splash lubricated.

You could try turning it to the sides to try to get oil on the cylinders. The squeak is likely a bit of surface rust.

I think you should be OK if you run it a few minutes with the drain valve open, listening for it to smooth out/quiet down.

Let us know how it goes, and check your model on-line to see if it's the original pump, or at least looks to be original.

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