Start capacitor

by Justin

I have a start capacitor, XUFENG CBB60, the label says:

120uF +/- 5%

250VAC C 50/60HZ

40/70/21 SH P0

and i am trying to find a replacement for it. Using cb660 as the model or whatever, gives different results. I can't seem to find this exact replacement. What are my alternatives?

Also, my compressor is humming, and having taken the entire thing apart to check what the problem could be, this was my end result. I took this capacitor off and checked it with an ohm meter set to ohms, at 200, and when I touch the leads to it, it does nothing. No reading on the ohm meter at all, so I am assuming this is bad. the motor spun freely by hand, and the switch shuts the system on and off. there is no valve on the pump, and I disconnected all of the air lines anyway so all air could escape, and still it just hums and then blows the breaker.

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Aug 20, 2015
by: Bill

Start a new thread, add up to four photos of your cap, cross reference it to this post, and I'll move the images here.


Aug 20, 2015
Capacitor search
by: Buster

I did a search for CBB60 and it sent me to, back to the homeland, lol.

There are several capacitors that might fit your needs, not having a picture to look at.

Some of these capacitors are really packed into the motor housings and are hard to get one close enough to fit in the same place, without going oem.

You listed another number CB660 that did not turn up anything motor related. Picture would be great!!

Aug 19, 2015
CBB60 120mf 250vac
by: Doug in

Try using this title to search.

You'll find some - the 120ɥf (same as mf or mfd) is important, as is the 250VAC 50/60HZ.

The 120mf should be exact.

The 250VAC can be 240VAC and up.

In North America, the frequency is 60, so you don't NEED 50/60HZ, but it must be 60 or 50/60.

I'm not exactly sure what cbb60 means, but it's apparently a case style. Check the sizes of your candidate replacement to make sure it will fit where you need it, or outboard it if it's too big and you can't find one that will fit directly.

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