Speedaire Westward model 4TW29B compressor clanks and does not compress air

by bill selelrs
(Dallas, texas, USA)

Speedaire Westward model 4TW29B

Speedaire Westward model 4TW29B

Hello and thank you for your help.

I've reviewed the trouble shooting area of your site.

I have a Westward model 4TW29B.

When I plug it in, the electric motor started perfectly and it spins the Flywheel perfectly.

However, the compressor motor (part number 3WGX6) clanks and the unit no longer compresses air (the sound is similar to a small piece of metal being thrown around).

The replacement unit from Granger is 360.00. But I was wondering if it was just the reed valves and gasket kit? is so, I would like to fix it myself.

I'm not certain if the cost of parts is worth the unit.

What do you think the problem is?

Please advise and thank you,


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Aug 31, 2017
Help finding a Westward 3JR69
by: Tim

I need a Westward 3JR69 air compressor (Tim, repost this under information about a different make of compressor. You'll likely get more response there than here, and since this one is a bit off topic, it's been removed. - Moderator)

Aug 27, 2014
The compressor motor (part number 3WGX6) clanks
by: Bill

Howdy Bill.

When you say "the compressor motor (part number 3WGX6) clanks" I take that to mean that the compressor pump is making the clanking noise, as you've already said that the motor works fine.

It appears as though the Westward 4TW29B, which appears to be a Grainger product, has now been updated to a Speedaire Air Compressor, 2.0 HP, 120/240V, 135 psi part number 4TW29, and the new parts are obviously interchangeable with the older compressor.

OK, you've got a belt cover, remove that and carefully run the compressor again. Same noise?

Oil level OK?

Any air coming out the pump outlet when the compressor is running?

I don't know if you are running it with 120 or 240. If 240, you could probably pick up a new 5HP air compressor for close to what you would pay for a new 4TW29.

As to whether or not you fix the compressor pump, you need to isolate the noise source and then maybe we can figure out if it's better to replace or repair.

I don't know how old your air compressor is, so if you are good to tear down the pump, you may find a loose part, and that may be a valve, in which case a valve kit and gasket kit would solve the problem.


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