Speedaire Model 3Z497 sprays oil from safety valve at top of head.

by James

Speedaire Model 3Z497

Speedaire Model 3Z497

I just picked up a speedaire model 3Z497 that has a problem.

When the compressor is running it will build some pressure and the safety valve on the right side head {when looking at the pump with the flywheel between you and pump} sprays oil. Enough that it was shut down immediately. Not quarts or gallons, but several ounces.

My question is: is there supposed to be an oil passage in that area, I suspect I may need to rebuild the pump, rings, and valves at a minimum.

The parts diagram shows that valve with a ring, this one does not have anything that looks like that.

It will be my first air compressor repair, I am an auto mechanic by trade.

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Dec 10, 2016
sprays oil from safety valve
by: Doug in s.d.ca

Not more than a thin film - if it's the standard pump the only way oil can get up there in any quantity is bad rings - plus maybe unvented crankcase pressure from either this side or possibly the other side of the pump.

The (maybe) bigger issue is there's a problem in the side that's blowing the relief valve, likely from the high pressure intake valve not closing on its compression stroke.

On the bright side, most of the parts you're likely to need are available, if not cheap...

Dec 10, 2016
Thanks Doug
by: James

Doug, thank you for your reply. This compressor came from my job, it's never been worked on and was installed in 1986. I got it when it was replaced this last week because of the oil issue. Is it normal for there to be oil in the system in those areas, I understand that if there is a bad ring(s) that will pump the oil from the case into the system. So, if it was operating normally would you expect to see "some" oil?

Dec 09, 2016
3Z497 sprays oil
by: Doug in s.d.ca

That's weird.

Unless it's been changed out at some point, that's a splash lubed, v-twin, two stage pump, so there's no oil pressure.

I can only guess maybe one or more rings may have been installed upside down at some point.

The rings on the safety valves often are weak and pull off...is it marked 75PSI?

You may as well start by pulling that head and see what you can.

Good luck.

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