by Mike Wallace
(Prosper, TX)

SPEEDAIRE Model 3Z180 Compressor

SPEEDAIRE Model 3Z180 Compressor

SPEEDAIRE Model 3Z180 Compressor
SPEEDAIRE Model 3Z180 Model Tag
SPEEDAIRE Model 3Z180 Engine Number

Hello Bill. I came across your webpage about the SPEEDAIRE Model 3Z180 while researching a compressor that I "inherited" when I bought my home.

I haven't tried to start the compressor yet, but it appears to have just been left pretty much idle the last 9 years or so.

The original owner used the compressor in his work as a diesel mechanic, the second owner used it to operate a pneumatic shoot in a roping arena on the property and the third owner didn't use it at all.

I've attached a couple pictures for you. If you'd like other, more specific pictures, I'd be happy to take them for you.

Mike Wallace

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May 12, 2016
by: Tony

I have a 3Z180 compressor and I can't find a parts break down. Anyone know where to find one?

Dec 30, 2014
SPEEDAIRE Model 3Z180 works fine
by: Bill

Glad you found the site helpful, Mike.

Other folks have sent in cryptic comments, I guess referring to other postings they sent in, but I get so many it's almost impossible to reconnect them unless the new one refers to the title of the old, and even then it's a challenge.



Dec 29, 2014
by: Mike Wallace

Hi Bill. I sent you that when I first bought my home and obtained the air compressor. At that time, I was doing Internet searches trying to find out anything I could about the compressor and came across one of your pages discussing the 3Z180 compressor. On that page, you asked anyone who has this compressor to forward some pictures. That's where the message came from. I probably should have been more clear in my message to you!

I recently got around to addressing the compressor. It started right up and ran like a champ - after I ran some diesel through the pump a few times to clear out all the sludge. The compressor is dated 1984 (model 1Z7840D).

Thanks for the site, it's very helpful!

Sep 09, 2014
A question about your SPEEDAIRE Model 3Z180
by: Bill

Hi Mike.. not quite sure what your question is.

If it is can I start it, I don't see why not if it runs.

Drain the tank if that wasn't done and examine the liquid. If it's red or rusty, that's indicating you've got rust issues inside the tank, and depending on how extensive, that's not good.

If the tank looks OK, and a careful inspection of the outside looking for weak spots is in order, then change the oil.

Clear off all dust and debris, a give it a go, though if it were me, I'd stop it at around 20 PSI and then do a tank inspection with liquid soap and water to see if any tank leaks, and again at 40, 60 and so on all the way up.


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