Speedaire Air Compressor Tank Leak

by Denise Brown

There is an air leak in the compressor where the motor mount is welded to the tank.

We have a frame shop and have all pneumatic tools. It's not good for the compressor to continuously cycle, obviously.

Before we have to dismantle the motor from the tank to have it re-welded we have been trying various glues, epoxies etc to plug the hole.

JB Weld was suppose to work, but it didn't. We have a lot of epoxy putty on it now, but the air still sneaks out.

We are next going to epoxy a metal plate over the hole figuring it can hold down the plate to cover the leak as opposed to patching the hole and the pressure forces a hole again.

Any thoughts?
Denise Brown

Bill says...

Hi Denise. Two thoughts, actually.

Glueing a metal plate over a hole in a pressure vessel is a bad idea. You are creating a projectile that may hurt someone when the glue lets go, and it will.

Second thought, how much time have you folks spent so far, multiplied by your hourly rate, to try and fix the problem yourselves, versus the cost of buying a new tank, and replacing the leaking one? Which has / will cost you more?

It were my compressor, the leaking tank would already be gone.



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