Speedaire 5Z401B milky white oil

by george

Every month or so I have to change the pump oil,because it is milky white. I assume it has water in it, if so how/why?

George, if you read the pages on compressor generated water, you'll find out all about how compressors turn water vapor into free water.

Then, as to how the water gets from the air stream into your sump... well, that suggests that your intake air is quite high in humidity and that you've got some air leaks past the piston seals into the sump where the warm, moist air condenses into water, and mixes with the oil.


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Jan 23, 2018
milky oil
by: Todd

I too have milky oil.in the northwest so humidity shouldn't be it. it runs in a unheated shop ..What about a magnetic block heater? any thoughts? thanks

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