Speedaire 3Z406 Compressors

The Speedaire 3z406 compressors are decades old now and are no longer supported by Speedaire / Grainger. If you have an issue with your 3Z406, this page is a forum to help get answers for you!

The Speedaire 3Z406 compressor has a horizontal tank about 30 gallons in size, two wheels at the rear, and a handle to drag it along, making this a portable compressor. It came with a 1 HP 120 VAC motor.

I suspect there are lots of these Speedaire compressors still in use. Being of the 1970's vintage, I also suspect that this compressor was built a lot better than similarly sized air compressors are today.

Speedaire 3Z406 Air Compressor

As I mentioned earlier, this is the forum page for the Speedaire 3Z406 air compressor.

Do you have a problem with your model 3Z406? It will probably help to read the existingpostings first, and, if no answer there, reviewing the troubleshooting pages for problems and solutions common to many air compressors will help. The answer to your compressor problem is likely already posted.

If you cannot find a solution on this site already then post your question about only the 3Z406 model using the form below.

Photos are very helpful if you are asking about differing features on your 3Z406 so upload up to four for each posting.

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Speedaire model 3Z406 Compressor Issues

Having an issue with your Speedaire model 3Z406 compressor? Here is where you can ask a question about it.

Please note that I work on responses to information and technical requests daily so please allow up to 24 hours for a response. Thanks. Bill

Other visitor's issues with Speedaire model 3Z406

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Can a piston be replaced in this air compressor?

Speedaire model 3Z406 doesnt turn off.  
3Z406H. unit does not shut off, when switch is thrown to off position it springs back to the on position. Do you know I can get a replacement switch …

Speedaire 3Z406 Compressor Duty Cycle Question 
Hello, I was looking into purchasing what I believe to be a Speedaire 3Z406 Compressor. It is marked as a Hamilton-Royce, but after finding no information …

Speedaire model 3Z406 oil? 
I tipped my compressor over and some oil leaked out. I need to know how much oil it holds and what kind to put in.

Need new belt 
Need new belt for Speedaire model 3Z406.

Mount 3z406 on an up right tank? 
I have a 3z406 speed air compressor, can I mount it on top of a 60 gallon up right tank?

3Z406 Air tank leaking 
Air tank has a small hole and a slow leak. Is it worthwhile to get the hole welded shut or should I just look for a new tank? I'm guessing that the prior …

Trips breaker at 60psi 
My Speedaire 3Z406 seems to lock up or bog down around 60psi then blows dedicated 20 amp breaker, soon after. Appears to be a pump issue, not necessarily …

Need set of rings for 3Z406C compressor 
I have a 3Z406C model I would like to no what I my be able to cross reference to get a set of rings for my pump it been out side for 7-8 year and the …

what type of oil should i use in the pump on a 3z406 
need to know what types of oil I should use in the pump of my 3z406 compressor

Speedaire model 3Z406 Not pumping air 
Speed air pumped up to 60lbs one day and now will not pressure up at all?

Speedaire compressor pressure switch failure 
The pressure switch on my Speedaire model 3Z406G (1-hp)has failed. I need to replace it but finding the exact replacement part is impossible. I need to …

Speedaire model #3Z406G 
The pressure switch on my Speedaire model 3Z406G (1-hp)has failed. I need to replace it but finding the exact replacement part is impossible. I need …

speedair medel 3z406 if it don't stop  
what is the maximum pressure before stop may be my automatic switch is in fault if it turn after 125 psi

How many CFM from my Speedaire model 3Z406 
Does anyone know how many CFM my Speedaire model 3Z406 compressor will deliver at 40 and 90 PSI? How about the capacity of the tank?

What is the high and low cut off pressure for 3z406 . 
What should the high and low cut off pressure be for this model There is nothing under switch cover that states what the high and low number.

Pressure switch is faulty on my 3Z406 
Need a recomendation for a new switch

3Z406 Broken PSI regulator adjustment 
I Bought a vitage Speedair compressor model 3Z406, i try it out Love it ! but up to only 50 PSI it turn off, i did try to open the adjustment and …

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