Speedaire 3Z180 Compressors

When you try to find information about the Speedaire 3z180 air compressor on line, you will often end up on Grainger's website. Speedaire is the house brand of Grainger. The listing for the Speedaire 3Z180 returns information on a compressor pump. Need a little help with yours? This page will help.

That 3Z180 pump can be powered by either a 3 or 5 HP motor, has a 2 quart oil sump, and a 16.5" O.D. flywheel.

Since I have been unable to locate an image of the Speedaire 3Z180 compressor, the photo at right is of the 3Z182, a similar air compressor pump, but one that is designed to handle a 7.5 or 10 HP electric motor as its power supply, and has a 19" flywheel.

Speedaire Air Compressors - Speedaire 3Z180

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Oil coming out of air intake filter 
I can feel air pushing out of the compressor air inlet and oil mist pushing out with it. What do I need to look for. Pictures are after I cleaned it up. …

Speedaire 3Z180 blowing oil into intake from the vent tube 
Hi, I just picked up an older but very clean Dayton Speedaire 3Z180 compressor. I found the air filter to have a lot of oil on it and so I took it …

Parts here for a 3z180 compressor 
found a place that had parts. thought i would share as i was having a hard time myself finding parts. www.factoryaircompressorparts.com/contact/ 503.674.2744 …

Leaking 3Z180 
Hi Bill, Tks for creating a great online resource. Have had several compressors over the years. Last week I came by this not-so-pretty 1973 Speedaire …

speedaire 3Z180 will only pump 30lbs 
after compressor got knocked over on it side will only pump 30lbs air before governor housing open up replaced housing same problem

Clean valves?  
Just picked up a. 3Z180 that has been sitting for 7/8 years . just got thru wiring the 5 hp 3ph. Pumped up to 100 psi pretty quick ,stopped it and …


Is a Dayton 3Z1808 a 3Z180 in disguise? 
It is a 3Z1808 according to pictures as the ID tag is mangled but has a 3 and an 8 that is readable... I need a manual and parts list. It came with …

Head Unloader setup of 3Z180 
Hello, I recently acquired a SPEEDAIRE Model 3z181 pump to use in my shop. I plan to run it with a 10 hp Dayton that I have and mount on 120 gallon tank. …

Speedaire 3Z180 is putting a lot of oil into the tank.  
It has gotten much worse since I put a 7.5 hp 1725 rpm motor on it with an 8" pulley. It had a 2 hp motor on it before with a 4" pulley. With …

Are 3Z170B Pumps interchangeable with 3Z180?  
HI Bill, My 3Z180 pump needs a rebuild. I found a 3Z170B 2-3HP Compressor Pump Motor for sale. While my 3z180 is being rebuilt I want to substitute …

Speedaire 3Z180 makes popping sound 
I have a Speedaire 3Z180 pump with 5 hp motor and tank. At 100 psi it starts to develop an occasional popping sound and as pressure builds, the frequency …

rebuilding a Speedaire 3Z180s 
Can the 3z180s be rebuilt very easily? How much are the parts and where to get them? Is it worth rebuilding after 10 or 15 years?

SPEEDAIRE Model 3Z180 
Hello Bill. I came across your webpage about the SPEEDAIRE Model 3Z180 while researching a compressor that I "inherited" when I bought my home. I haven't …

Missing parts on my 3Z180B compressor 
Should there be some kind of check valve between the pump and the tank to keep the air from leaking from the tank after shutting off the pump? Does anyone …

Air escaping from Speedaire 3Z180 air compressor 
Air is escaping from the vent in the front of the governor casing. It seems to be fed from the tube that runs from the outlet of the high pressure piston …

How to set the belt tension on a Speedaire 3Z180 
I recently did some work on my motor and now it is time to set the belt tension again. What should the tension feel like or look like. Some say turn the …

Speedaire 3Z180 smoking when running 
At work we have a Speedair 3Z180 2 stage on a 60 gallon tank that has been working fine then started leaking air thru the intake air filter. I was …

What Oil for a Speedaire 3Z180 
What oil goes in the Speedaire 3Z180 air compressor _______________________ Hi Craig. If you can't check the manual, and you can't get to or Speedaire …

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