Source for 40400 pressure regulator

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Where can I find a pressure regulator for the 40400? Is there a substitute that may work?

Central Pneumatic 40400 model air compressor
Central Pneumatic 40400 model air compressor


Well, unidentified poster, the regulator on the Central Pneumatic 40400 air compressor is one that’s available at virtually any shop that sells compressor regulators.

Tank empty? Power off? Remove the old regulator and take it to the shop. They’ll have a replacement for you I’m sure. Maybe even better. Google “small compressor regulator” and you’ll find many on line.

Just in case you aren’t sure, the gauge for the regulator has a number of installation ports on the regulator, so the plug can be removed from the port you wish to use, and then the same plug is inserted into the port not used. It’s this way to make the orientation of the regulator suit many different compressors.

Also, the regulator doesn’t care if it’s installed upside down. Just make sure it is installed with the arrow on the body of the regulator pointed to the discharge coupler where the air line is plugged in.

Success? Maybe let us know what you found?

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