Some General Question on 919.175251 and 919.152812

by Neil cunningham
(Hickory NC)

Ok I have looked extensively on these 2 models of compressors I just bought and I have a few questions:

I just bought a 919.152812 and i bought a 919.175251. the 919.152812 i got a $100 in it and the 919.175251 $225 in it.

The 152812 was really just for the tank but the owner said all it needs is the fan and it will work. And the 175251 is a 2 stage unit so here are my questions if you can help.

I am trying to sandblast and use air tools and maybe someday paint. I thought i would like run these two unit in parallel figure I would have plenty of air and pressure what do you guys think about this?

are there any manuals for either of these i have not been able to find any?

What do you guys think of these units? one is a dual cylinder and one a 2 stage which is better?

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