Snap-on (fiac & cima) compressor keeps blowing circuit breaker

by joel

Hello, I have a snap-on (fiac & cima) compressor 15A 3hp 14cfm with 50Hz electric motor and it will pump up to desired pressure.

When it reaches max it trips the circuit breaker and turns off, and does not kick back in.

You can only restart it if you reset the circuit breaker.

It is plugged directly into a 15A power outlet without an extension cord. This is the second power outlet I have used, both were newly installed.

I bought the compressor second hand and it has done it the whole time I have had it.

I have replaced the switch and the capacitor. it will trip the circuit breaker even if the switch is turned right down to 80psi. Starting to get down right annoying.

Any ideas.
You say you replaced the pressure switch and the problem persists?

Hmmm, that it pops the breaker on shut down, to my mind, points to a short in the pressure switch that occurs just when the switch reaches cut out.

Any other ideas out there?

Or, another idea. Is it possible that the motor itself is the culprit? It might be coincidence that the motor,when it gets to near cut out, overheats a bit, and that is causing a short in the winding. Motor cools, short disappears, until the motor gets hot again. You may want to do a load test on the motor.


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