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In North America you can often see the Snap On mobile tool supply trucks trundling around on their routes, offering mechanics and shops a wide variety of tools and equipment, including Snap On branded air compressors. Snap On tool and other products are also available in Australia as well.

As well as the trucks full of mechanic's and shop tools and supplies, Snap On also has a web presence at which you can purchase their goods including their house brand air compressors.

Snap On sells a variety of air compressors. Most are industrial in size, reciprocating style, from 5 HP up to 20 HP with a variety of vertical and horizontal air tanks. They also offer a quite small 1/10 HP diaphragm type air compressor, in an oil-less version, for small air supply requirements.

Snap On Air Compressors, Stationary, 120 gallon, 15.0 HP, 175 max. PSI, 3-Phase

The Snap On brand of air compressor is also now available from some big box stores throughout North America. Same quality? Different quality? I am not sure. Snap On does not manufacture air compressors and different sources point to different manufacturers of the Snap On air compressors, though the commonality is they are all of oriental origin these days. To me, then, the quality will be suspect though the price will be low.

Then, the price of the Snap On air compressors from Snap On isn't low, suggesting (I would hope) that the Snap On compressors coming from their own channels to market may be of better quality than those available from other sources. Any information from you folks on that would be helpful for all.

The first place to go if you have a problem with your Snap On air compressors is the source:

Snap-on Incorporated
P.O. Box 1410
Kenosha, WI 53141-1410, U.S.A.
T: 262-656-5200

In March 2017 Casey, a visitor from North Carolina, stated that "Snap-on buys IR (Ingersoll/Rand) Compressors and puts their name and price tag on them. Same design, Same parts, Same compressor, Just a different color...". That may help when you are looking for parts. Thanks for that. Casey.

And then John wrote in... "FYI, To the best of my knowledge (since 1987) Snap On has never used IR units. back then they used four different builders. Ram Air, out of business and mainly used Campbell pumps (USA). Air Source, out of business, mainly used Schulz pumps (Brazil). Dee-Blast, went away from compressors, mainly used Schulz pumps (Brazil). Brama, bought by Sleegers 2009, mainly used Chinook pumps (Italy). The unit S560V most likely has a Schulz 20SD pump. The parts for the pump are still available from Schulz in Acworth, Ga."

This page is a forum for Snap On air compressors, trying our best to bring you useful information on Snap On compressors. If you have a problem with your Snap On air compressor post it here for help from other users around the world. If you see a post that you can help with, please add a comment.

Thanks to all for contributing and for helping.


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