smith towable compressor head problem

by kent
(denison ia usa)

I have a smith towable air compressor model 100 it blew apart one compressor on one cylinder where can I get parts I haven't been able to find any parts it has a 302 ford motor and is a 1999

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Mar 22, 2017
compressor head
by: Doug in


You might find someone willing to TRY to weld it, but most likely, from your description, not.

I'm afraid your only realistic options are to block that cylinder off, or try to find one used somewhere.

Sorry, but good luck to you.

Mar 22, 2017
smith towable 100
by: kent

-the part that broke is cast iron

-it has a like reed valve and components inside

-it broke all of it on one cylinder

-there is like a spacer block between the piston on the engine that is fine

-what happened to it is when shutting machine off it dieseled or backfired wanted to keep running that is when this happened

Mar 15, 2017
Smith 100 tow behind
by: Doug in

Probably unobtainable except by cannibalism.

Did the custom head crack or just a gasket?

If gasket, you can make one.

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