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Folks, here is a page of brand specific information on the Silentaire, or Silent Aire air brush compressors. I don't use an air brush compressor myself, but thousands of folks do. If you have had experience with one, or are just looking for help with yours, I invite you to post using the form on this forum page.
One visitor to this site asks" I've herd silent aire compressors sometimes leek oil. Can i do anything to prevent this..2 traps maybe can you hook up two airbrushes on their supersilent 20-A?"
silent aire air brush compressors

My response: I don't personally know the compressor myself, but if it's oil lubed, and even sometimes when a compressor is not, as they get older and worn compressors can allow lube oil to migrate into the airstream, and down the lines to your application. If your compressor is putting oil into your airbrush air supply, and rebuilding the Silentaire isn't something you want to do, then consider the use of a coalescent filter to take out the free oil. Information on colescent filters can be found on this site. See that link from the site map page under Filters.

As to what you can connect to your compressor, you can connect any number of devices, yet if you add too many, some may not work as there will not be enough air. The issue is, then, will you have enough air? In order to figure that out, you will need to compare the air supply ratings on your compressor for PSI and flow demands of your airbrush in CFM and pressure. Do the math. If there is enough air, then yes, you can run two. If not, run one at a time, assuming this compressor will deliver enough air for the one.

If you haven't talked to the silentaire people consider doing so to:

the silentaire air brush compressors forum follows. If you have a question, please ask. If you have a Silentair compressor and you can help another user, please comment on their post. We all win then.



Silentaire website:

Silentaire Compressor Issue

Having a Silentaire compressor issue? Here is where you can ask a question about it.

Please note that I work on responses to information and technical requests daily so please allow up to 24 hours for a response. Thanks. Bill

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