Shut off pressure of Craftsman 919.167783 compressor

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At what pressure is my Craftsman Model 919.167783 supposed to automatically shut off?

by Mark
(Tamaqua, Pa.)

I got this unit for free.

The label states 175 psi MAX.

I am wondering at what pressure is it supposed to automatically shut off at?

I made sure there was no water in the tank, and fired it up. It ran nice and quiet and built good pressure. However, I began to panic when the pressure needle reached 150 psi, and I shut it off. Am I just being paranoid? Should I just let it run? I’m confused.

Craftsman Model 919.167783
Craftsman Model 919.167783

Free is a good price, and particularly, when the air compressor runs so well.

The approximate cut in pressure is 145 PSI and the approximate cut out pressure is 175 PSI, Mark.

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