Shut down procedure for nail gun compressor?

by John G
(Cincinnati, Ohio)

I have a new nail gun compressor. My question is - when I'm finished using the nail gun for the day, do I release the air in the tank or leave for the next time? I assume I release it but didn't see it mentioned in the manual.. Thanks!

Bill says...

Howdy John.

When your work is done for the day, pull the air line off the gun, put two drops of air tool oil into the connector, reattach the air line, and cycle the gun two time.

Disconnect the feed to the gun. This takes away all the air, and makes the gun safe, though I would always fire it into a board one more time to be sure that it didn't keep a charge.

If it's a portable compressor, then yes, pull the power plug, and open the tank drain all the way to get all the water that is in the tank from the compressor use that day out of the tank. I leave the tank drain open until I go to use the compressor again.



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