Should pressure relief valves close?

by Mike

Pressure relief valve

Pressure relief valve

When you trip a prv should it return to its original closed position on its own or do you need to push it back in?

While there are many shapes and sizes of PRV's Mike, the majority of them operate via "sticktion". This means that it is the friction inside of the PRV that sticks it into the position it was last left in.

When the PRV is blown open, typically it will stay open until an operator pushes the pin on the end of the PRV to close it.

Since I don't know what air compressor you have or the PRV that is on it, to test this is pretty easy.

Pull the ring on the end of the PRV to open it (assuming yours has a ring) and then push on the end of the pin to close it again.

You should do this from time to time as a matter of course to ensure that the PRV is free enough to blow open should the need arise.

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