Should I save 2 - 80 gallon Brunner air compressors?

by Michal
(Calgary Alberta Canada)

I have found 2 80 gallon Brunner 10 HP air compressors, and I am not sure if I should get them or not. I am not sure the type of compressor, the second compressor looks similar to a A5301 or A10301 but if you look at the pictures of the compressor I have found it's not the same.

The first air compressor needs to be rebuilt as it leaks oil around the cylinders. It is a 3 piston compressor, and I am not sure how many stages it has.

The second compressor is a 2 stage 4 piston compressor which leaks oil into it's tank.

These compressors have been in heavy industrial use since 1966, they are in fully operable state if they haven't been scrapped yet. I know that I don't need a 80 gallon air compressor, or 2 for that matter, but what would they be worth? Also, where could I find a manual for these compressors or any other information about them? Anyone know anything else I don't about these compressors, if so please tell me!! Thanks!

I apologize for no pictures but I cannot crop them, so there are no pictures.

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