Shop air compressor won't turn on.

by Bill
(Lincoln, Nebraska)

The air tank is empty. Electric service to the compressor is verified good. The auto/off switch is in the auto position.

I've noticed the auto/off switch seeming to be feel funny - no definite click when switched from one position to the other.

I'm thinking the switch has finally died completely.

Numbers on the controller switch show:
Catalog number 69LM2 Series C
Furnas Electric Company

Where can I find a replacement switch?
Estimated cost?

Bill says....

If what you are referring to as the auto/off switch is what I would refer to as the pressure switch (see pressure switch from site map) then it sounds like that might be a problem.

With the tank empty, and the auto switch set to auto, can you multi-meter the lines from the pressure switch to the motor to determine if power is actually getting through the switch to get the compressor motor running?



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Aug 22, 2016
Compressor not turning on
by: Bill

If the power is getting through the pressure switch, and you follow the power path to the motor, it typically reaches the start capacitor, Dan.

Check the start capacitor connections carefully to ensure that compressor vibration hasn't jostled them off, or corrosion hasn't eroded them.

If connections are all good, then it's time to test the start cap to ensure that it's working. See the page about how to do that on this site.

Aug 20, 2016
Compressor still not turning on
by: Dan

I have the same issue as above. I installed new pressure switch. Still not turning on. I volt,meter tested the power to the motor. Has power on all legs of the motor. Still not kicking on. Pulled safety cover off belt and made sure motor and compressor is not locked up. And even hooked another motor up to my wiring and pressure switch and it would not cut on either, I'm at a loss. With power to the motor, from the presure switch it should be turning on.... Correct? What could it be? Thanks

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