Setting up 107.10265 air compressor

by Manuel
(Houston, Tx.)

1st time using air compressor. #107.10265 2gallon oil free ...

Does it have to have an air filter installed to operate properly ???

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May 04, 2018
107.10265 Set up
by: Doug in

What Bill said, but I notice there are no parts for the pump, or even a replacement pump.

That being the case, you might consider adding your own filter, if, in fact, there is no filter. Looks like you'll have to remove the cover to find out.

May 04, 2018
107.10265 filter
by: Bill

If you are speaking on an air intake filter, it would appear as though this model doesn't have one.

Since it's a light duty compressor, presumably running intermittently and for short duration, the tendency for compressor pumps to ingest air borne crud is reduced to the level of being inconsequential on this size of compressor.

If you are speaking of an outgoing air filter, always good to have one, but if whatever you are doing with compressed air isn't unduly hurt by having moisture and even free water in the air stream, then for this size of compressor I wouldn't bother.

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