Senco PC1010

by Sj
(Brooklyn, NY)

Senco PC1010 air compressor

Senco PC1010 air compressor


I do light upholstery, and had a badly timed failure (aren't they all?) of my Senco PC1010 air compressor tonight. I'm rather new to power tools and things, so I will try to explain as best I can.

I bought this about 2 years ago, but just used it for the first time a month ago, with a smallish Bostitch staple gun to recover 6 dining chair seats, no big deal. It made pressure of about 100, which drove my staples very well. I made sure to drain it afterwards, and it's been on the shelf since.

Today I turned it on, the motor runs fine, but after 10 minutes or so I noticed it wasn't creating any pressure in the tank whatsoever. I ran my hands around it, and there is an air leak coming from what I believe to be the air intake filter? It's the horizontal circular piece opposite the tank, with a black plastic "cap", it has the label on it. I looked inside through the slots and there are metal coils. Air is coming out of the slots in this section and hitting the floor.

Since I just used this air compressor once with no problems, I am pretty bummed, as now my job is late. What's going on? Can I fix this myself or does it need servicing already after one single session?

thank you so much!

Sj Elkin
I uploaded a photo of the Senco PC1010 air compressor that I found on line, but darned if I can tell from the photo what part you are referring to.

From what you have provided, if air is coming out the intake filter, then you likely have a failed intake vavle / flapper, and instead of air being driven down into the tank, it's simply cycling in and out the intake filter.

If you purchased it 2 months ago, and it may be a dud, it should be under manufacturer's warranty, and you should take it back and get a replacement.



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Oct 29, 2013
by: Sj

Hi Bill!

I thank you profusely for your response. First thing Monday morning, I called Senco, and we walked through the get this: the air release valve on the tank was wide open! Visually, it's highly counter-intuitive, when the hand turned section was screwed all the way AWAY from the tank, so you could see the threads on the post, that's CLOSED. It looks open! SO I had screwed it all the way close to the tank, which looks closed but is actually wide open.


S I closed the damn thing (screwing it all the way AWAY from the tank) and it collected air pressure immediately again. Senco said everyone does this, it's the most common "problem" with this otherwise sturdy little air compressor. I wish they had been more descriptive in the manual about this. It's clearly not enough to just say "closed" or "open", since you can't tell easily which is which.

warm regards,
No worries. Glad it worked out.


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