Sears vertical air compressor hose connection

I have a Sears vertical 20 gal 5hp air compressor. I took the damaged hose off to replace it. Connected the hose back to the reel, but do not remember where to connect the other end of the hose to the compressor...should have taken a picture. Can anyone help me?

Lady in distress.

Bill says...

Well lady in distress, if you could send in this questions again, but this time, with some photos of the discharge part of your compressor, I could make a recommendation.

The compressor will have a checked-coupler after a regulator. It's into this coupler that you would insert the connector. If you aren't sure about these items, please see the links from the sitemap that explain each.

I welcome comments from other folks on this thread if you can help.



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Mar 11, 2011
to Billy
by: Anonymous

Hi Billy,
Thank you for the information on the air hose connection on my vertical Sears air compressor.
I found the connection and am so grateful for your help. :)
Lady in distress


Always glad to help a Lady in distress.

Mar 10, 2011
Connecting air hose to compressor
by: Mary

Thank you for your comment and information regarding my question of how to connect an air hose to my Sears compressor. I do not know how to post a picture online (another thing I'm way behind on learning) however your comment and site map was helpful. I have couplers and connectors, so will try to insert one and see if that will solve my problem. Thank you so very much for responding, I greatly appreciate your time.

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919.156780 - Restarting an old sears compressor?

by Bill Kearney
(Bethesda, MD, USA)

I've got a Sears 2hp compressor, model 919.156780 that's been unused for about 10 years. I'm wondering what's the best way to go about bringing it back to life? I've already checked and turning the belt by hand does work. I have not powered it up yet. Where should I start?
Bill, if this were my compressor, I would simply give it a good cleaning to get all the dust off, particularly around the motor and any vents, change the oil, open the tank drain to be sure all crud and condensate it out of it, close the tank drain, and fire it up.

Monitor performance, and use 50/50 dish soap and warm water solution to check all fittings, and drizzle over the tank to check for leaks. If the tank is leaking, replace it, and don't use the compressor until you do.

Make sure, once the tank pressure reaches the cut out and the compressor stops, to pull and push in and out of the PRV a few times to make sure it works.



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