Sears Model 919-165600 Has Bad Vibration

by Jeff

I recently bought a compressor at an estate sale and when I inspected it (after I got it home) I found both connecting rods broke. I replaced them as well as the fan.

While working on the unit I noted both compressor side mounting tabs to be broken. Again no problem.

Once the unit was all back together it started fine and built pressure. The problem is the vibration. It's bad and I suspect it has been all along which lead to the broken connecting rods and mounting tabs.

It is an oil-less unit and behind the connecting rods there is a counter balance as well as one on the fan.

I read through all of the previous issued listed on you site, but couldn't find one that addressed this issue.

One item of note is the fan is off-center a bit. Not sure it is a mold or design issue.

Is there a procedure or technique to better balance the rotating assembly?


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Sep 08, 2015
by: Doug in

Good deal.

Thanks for the update and here's hoping it holds for you.

Sep 07, 2015
by: Jeff

I believe I have found the problem(s).

1. There was a spacer missing from between the fan and the connecting rods, This allowed the counter weight from the fan to come in contact with the connecting rod. This is probably what caused the initial failure. I added a spacer and while it was better. I was still not right.

2. I then noticed the fan itself did not run in a true circle which was the source of some of the vibration. So I removed the fan, but kept the counter weight. The unit runs pretty good now. I will tie in an electric fan to the load side of the switch and while it may not look pretty it will run just fine.

Aug 23, 2015
by: Doug in

Hard to see on the drawings.

Can / have you tried to run it without the fan to see if that affects it much?

I don't know of any procedure specific to the unit for balancing - maybe you can do a static balance like you would for a lawnmower blade?

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