Sears DvBliss compressors Sizes?

by Jason
(Slinger, Wisconsin)

2HP 919.15678 Sears compressor

2HP 919.15678 Sears compressor

I have two older very common Sears/DvBliss compressors, one is an 1hp compressor and the other is a 2hp compressor, I have also seen 3hp ones that have the same look to them. The two horse is 919.15678. My question is concerning the pump they appear to all use the same compressor head unit with just a bigger hp motor and a slightly larger motor pulley. I was just hopping to confirm this theory and also find out what the actually max speed the heads were made to run at?

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Jan 21, 2018
The heads are the same
by: Kevin

The head part # is 265-24.

I just posted to a thread that was started 12/2017 with more information including the model numbers. There was a guy trying to get an ID on his compressor. There are about 5 pictures of it without any covers.

Aug 01, 2017
1hp sears model runs flawlessly
by: Anonymous

I own the 1 hp since 1977. I recall the breaker tripping problem. After changing the jumpers in the motor to 220v, the unit has worked flawlessly for me for 40 years!

Jul 23, 2017
Chris -
by: Doug in

If there's just the compressor on the 20A circuit, and it's blowing the breaker, you might want to take a look at the capacitors. Depending on if it blows at start/restart, and/or running, either or both could be weak or flat-out bad.

Look at the troubleshooting section for help on that, should you need it.

Jul 23, 2017
Just acquired
by: ChriscThomas

I got one at a garage sale yesterday. It is almost new condition including factory sticker on it. The motor is a 110/220. It draws 15A on 110 and the motor plate says either 3152 rpms or 3600'.'cant recall. OBVIOUSLY 2.lhp plus. Constantly trips 20amp breaker( has a sticker that recommends time delay breakers).
I was skeptical of buying an old compressor and expecting modern performance, but this is the only compressor that I have ever used that runs more quietly than my recently stolen Makita

Jul 18, 2015
pump speed
by: Doug in

Don't think I've seen anything much over 1100RPM.

Might be interesting to calculate the speeds on what you have.

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