Sears Craftsman 919.167240 will only get to 110 psi

by Pierre Thuot
(Hollywood, MD)

The compressor is a Sears Craftsman permanently lubricated (tank mounted, 15 gal, 5 hp) model # 919.167240.

I've checked for leaks and there are none (tank holds pressure when I manually cut it off, cleaned the check valve as well).

I replaced the regulator (probably not necessary now that I've read some of the posts on your site - rats!) and that did not solve the problem.

I am going to look at the pressure switch but since the tank is not getting to cut out pressure of 150 psi I'm guessing the problem is more than likely associated with the o-ring ($3.99) or gasket ($17.99) or something else related to the compression system.

If replacing those parts will fix the problem I can get the parts from Sears and it looks like they will be pretty easy to replace but one question I have since it's "permanently lubricated" is will I be able to put it all back together without the oil leaking everywhere or being able to add oil and what kind of oil?
Good that you are getting up close and personal with your compressor Pierre.

I don't believe that the problem with your air compressor is related to the regulator or the pressure switch.

If you get a chance to read the pages located in the troubleshooting section on the sitemap page, you will find information about things to check that do affect the compressor's ability to compress air.

Permanently lubricated means that the pump components are factory lubed and the air compressor should not, in the normal course of events, need additional lubrication.

If you disassemble the pump you will likely find grease as opposed to oil inside, and that may leak or certainly make a mess.

I would suspect intake valves or gasket problems as the source of your compressor issue, and then yes, you will need to tear down the pump to replace these.


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