Sears Craftsman 6 HP - lack of parts for oilless air compressor

by Rudolph A Payton
(Savannah, Georgia)

I purchased a Sears Craftsman 6 HP portable oilless air compressor approximately 10 years ago. From the first day I have had problems.

The connecting rods broke three times over a period of 32 months. Next the compression ring would fail even though the compressor would not be used for extended periods(6 months or longer). The electric motor needed new cappacitors five different times over the 10 years.

While I have had this unit for a long time, it hasn't been used excessively. What really galls me is that this oilless compressor pump and the requisite parts are no longer available.

After checking numerous websites I can only find some screws to retain the plastic covers. Oddly, Devilbiss made the oilless compressor for Sears and they don't carry most parts.

My current problem is that I need a valve plate for my unit. The plate is no longer available on any website in the USA. The model number is 919152930 for my unit.

In conclusion, I need a valve plate but I will never purchase another tool from Sears whether it is a hand tool or power tool. SEARS DOES NOT STAND BEHIND THEIR PRODUCT AND THEY CAN PREACH THEIR BS ALL THEY WANT. I hope this comment reaches other unsuspecting consumers and above all, DON'T BUY SEARS PRODUCTS because you will be screwed in the long run.

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