Sears air compressor is noisy

by Bill Romano
(Berlin, MD, USA)

I don't seem to be able to find anything on the web-site about compressor noise.

I live in the garage with my compressor and when using air tools have to use ear plugs because of the noise of my compressor.

And God help me if I forget to turn it off before hitting the sack and it wakes my wife up during the night. Air distribution system has enough leaks that it will cycle at least once every 10 hours or so when not being used.

It's a crappy Sears vane type compressor that seems optimistically rated. It never catches up when I'm sandblasting. Pressure gets so low after a while that I just take a fifteen minute break to let it catch it's wind.
Bill, though your comment is about your Sears air compressors, I've moved this one to the section about Installation and Location issues.

Actually, if you read the pages about location, compressor noise is addressed in detail there.

I, too, have had the problem with the air compressor cycling in the night... but only when I've forgotten to drain the tank after shutting it down. Get in the habit of turning off the compressor and draining the tank after every use, and then it won't wake you up during the night.

Since I don't know the HP of your air compressor, or the compressed air requirements of your sand blaster (though, typically, they are very high flow devices) I cannot really comment on how long it takes your air compressor to regenerate so you can sand blast again.

Suffice to say that if the blaster uses more air to operate than your compressor has the capability of providing, then you'll always be stopping and taking a break to allow your air compressor to catch up.



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