Sears 921.166420 air compressor no pressure

by bill

The tank holds plenty of pressure. When I use my paint spray gun, the pressure at the gun starts at 40 but will drop to 20 no matter what pressure I set the regulator.

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Oct 05, 2014
Low pressure
by: Doug in

In addition to what Bill said, has anything changed? Like the hose or additions thereto?

You should check the pressure after the regulator while the gun is drawing air.
If the pressure there stays at 40, then the problem is somewhere in the hose or fittings/couplers.

If the pressure at the regulator drops, then your regulator is either failed or does not have enough flow capacity for your gun and should be replaced, perhaps with a different one. If the present one worked ok to this point, then a direct replacement should work for your purpose.

Oct 05, 2014
No pressure Sears 921.166420
by: Bill

This is an older model 1.5 HP motor on a vertical 20 gallon tank, I believe.

I tried to find an image of this compressor to be sure, as I wanted to see the discharge air setup, but unfortunately, no image exists on line that I could find.

If the issue is that the air flow to the spray gun is that the pressure drops below minimum operating pressure at the gun, but the tank pressure gauge still indicates lots of pressure in the tank, then I would suspect that the air regulator itself has become the problem and may need to be replaced.


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