Schrader SA1526 compressor problem

Hello and thank you for help. I have two years old Schrader SA1526 2hp compressor that's is running with no problem until last week when the compressor shotted down the 15 amps circuit breaker, I turned on the circuit breaker then the compressor did run for few minutes then the circuit breaker shotted down again. Since the compressor can run on 20 amps circuit I connected the compressor to 20 amps circuit and then when the compressor did reach 80 psi shotted down, this time by the protection on the motor itself (the red button on the back of the motor) . I called the compressor company and they told me that it was a problem with the motor and they sent me the motor that i installed today but I have the same problem. The pump turn freely by hand so I, don't think is a pump problem, the compressor turn of to 80 psi all time but it isn't a problem from the regulator because any time the compressor stop still has the electric power coming from the regulator (I call ''regulator'' the device that stop the compressor when the compressor reach the max. pressure )

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Jul 18, 2015
Schrader SA1526 compressor
by: Bill

When you replaced the motor on your Schrader SA1526 compressor, did you replace the motor capacitors too?

The compressor problem description sounds to me like a capacitor issue.

The item you refer to as the regulator is, I believe, your compressor pressure switch.


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