sanborn v-twin

by al

sanborn v-twin

sanborn v-twin

sanborn v-twin
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Need REAL specs and manual

orig came with 2 hp, but also have one with 1 hp motor. Im currently running a 3/4 hp motor on it and it does ok, but motor heats up if run too long.

Cant find specs on what this pump is, HP needed, RPM it should be run at, max PSI it can safely produce, duty cycle etc.

any info would be great!

I included pictures of the stickers, but I dont ever believe them.

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Oct 20, 2016
sanborn v-twin temp
by: Doug in

250 sounds a tad high, but not alarmingly so, especially after two cycles.

Remember that's the reason many compressors have a duty cycle - to keep them from getting too hot.

So, if you don't intend to run it continuously, but want fast air, you can probably get away with the higher speed, assuming the motor doesn't then start overheating.

Oct 09, 2016
head temp
by: al

Anothre question. At 850 rpm at the compressor (1750 at the motor), after filling hte tank twice to 125 psi, the head temp seems to go up to about 250 degrees. May go up to 280.

I was thinking of uppin the rpm to 1050 with a bigger motor pulley ,but was a fraid the temps would go up to high.

How hot should the head temp get?

Oct 05, 2016
sanborn v-twin
by: Doug in

Just a SWAG, this.

Given the CFM. I think this likely needs a REAL 1.5 HP motor, and whatever motor speed you can get, a drive pully that gets you somewhere around 800-1000 RPM at the pump.

BTW, I think your last pic is probably a casting number.

Have fun and good luck.

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