Sanborn Model 51-17-60V won't air up

by Taxi
(Denver, Colorado)

I bought a Sanborn Model 51-17-60V (Serial F2540737) from a friend but he has no information on it.

I'd like to find an owners manual and parts list for it.

Does anyone know the CFM/PSI rating or any specs on this unit?

Nameplate tag lists model,serial #, 230 Vac, two stage, single phase, 60 Hz, Tank WP -200 psi and Max unit WP 175/145-175, but I'm not sure what that last series of numbers means.

I'm not sure if it's a cheap hose with a liner that is collapsing or the compressor, but it will only run an air tool for a short time before it seems to run out of pressure. It used to do just fine, but now, I trigger the tool, it runs a short time and then quits until I release the trigger and try it again.

Does this with a blow nozzle too, seems to lose pressure.

It starts and stops when it should based on the gage on the tank, just doesn't hold up the pressure. Any ideas on what could be wrong. I did drain about a quart of water out of the tank.



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Jun 29, 2015
Good job
by: Doug in

Thanks for letting us know how you made out.

Jun 29, 2015
Problem found!
by: Taxi


I found the problem. After pulling the hose off of the compressor and plugging in one of my tools at the outlet of the tank it did the same thing so that rules out the hose. I then pulled off the ball valve at the tank and found there was an in-line screen / trap that was clogged that was limiting the air flow. I blew that out and it ran like normal. This was a welcome fix. Thanks for your suggestions.

PS:the Sanborn model 17 - 51 - 60 v is a vertical tank unit, probably patterned off of the horizontal tank version model 17-51 Both use the T29/T29S pump, which I understand are no longer available.

Jun 28, 2015
by: Doug in

Just google "Sanborn Model 51-17-60V" for a source for specs and parts.

It appears the air is supposed to be taken from the motor end of the tank, but does not come with a regulator or associated gage.

Given the amount of water you drained, it may be there is crud near the outlet that is being blown into the port and blocking air until the flow stops. So look at that.

If there is a regulator there, it could have a similar problem, or just be broken.

Test both with no hose for flow, to eliminate the hose.

Have fun...

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