Sanborn labors as it approaches 100Psi

by Peter Hellermann
(Huntington, NY)


I have a 10 yr old (or older?) Sanborn 84TE20-8 compressor that's never been used.

Now, when I turn it on and it approaches about 100PSI, it starts to labor, slows down and then blows a house circuit breaker (20amp).

If I release the pressure and just let it pump air out of the tank with no pressure buildup it runs fine.

Could this be an unloader valve problem? how do find the valve on this model, and how can I get OEM or other suitable replacement parts?

I hope I can salvage this, its a great compressor.

2 stage, 2hp motor, 2 4 gallon torpedo tanks, wheelbarrow configuration, wired for 120VAC.

I can send pics of you like.

Regards, Peter Hellermann

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Jan 29, 2019
Sanborn trips breaker
by: Doug in

Peter, you're not running it on an extension cord, are you?

Please send pix - that model # doesn't click...

Are you sure it's two stage, or is it maybe a straight twin? Where does the red start on the tank gauge? Or, if no red, how high does it go?

Anyway, pix please, we can work it out.

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