Sanborn has knocking noise at 120 PSI

I just purchased a 60 gallon sanborn compressor, and when the pressure reaches about 120psi I hear a knocking noise. It doesn't make any noises from 0-120psi.

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Nov 11, 2014
knocking noise resolved
by: Anonymous

I took the guard apart and I noticed the belt was loose, causing the knocking noise. I adjusted the belt tension, turned on the compressor and the noise was gone.

I really appreciate your help and concern, thank you.

Nov 11, 2014
Knocking Sanborn
by: Bill

You want to get the cover and belt guard off and have a look at the various components while it's running.

That it starts knocking at 120 PSI suggests to me that back pressure is increasing the load, that load is being transmitted back to the drive and the motor, and the knocking may be related if there is a loose mount or part.

It still would be good to get a model number so folks can go find an image on line to try and help you with your Sanborn compressor problem.


Nov 10, 2014
knocking noise
by: Anonymous

I bought it brand new from princess auto, it's a 60 gallon sanborn compressor. The cut out pressure is 135psi. When it reaches around 120 psi I hear a knocking noise somewhere around the motor and the belt guard. When I touch the plastic cover I feel the knock.

Nov 10, 2014
by: Doug in

You bought this new? or used?

Can you describe the noise more fully? What is the model and cut-out pressure?

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