Sanborn compressor with 5hp motor smoking.

by Brian
(North Carolina)

I have an older Sanborn 5hp compressor that's been sitting in my garage for a while since I don't have 220 to plug it into yet.

Last week I put a plug on it so I could plug it into my Ranger8 welder for power.

It started right up and started building pressure but the motor started smoking. Eventually the overheat button popped and it shut down. Also some sort of liquid starts running down the side of the motor.

Is it possible the current is too much from the welder? I thought 220-230 was pretty consistent across the board.

Or is there a problem on the motor I can fix? I really appreciate your help. I desperately need this compressor right now.

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Nov 26, 2014
Using Ranger8 welder for power
by: Doug in


As far as the voltage and amperage, it appears that there should be plenty of that. Evidenced by the quick start and run.

But what about the frequency (60 Hz)?

If that is off, it could cause an overload ib the run circuit of the motor, and perhaps blow the cap, which could be the source of the liquid.

Please check your caps, and let us know what you find.

Did you run the welder at auto or high idle?

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