Sanborn compressor running hot and noisey

by Pat
(Dryden Ontario Canada)

Less than 4 years old with very few hours on it- oil in sight glass where it should be- Just runs very loud and the head of compressor is very hot as well as air line going in to tank...2013 SL3706056 60 gallon 5hp 230v 135 max psi...Any help would be appreciated

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Jun 04, 2018
Sanborn 60 gallon
by: CAS

Sounds like your pump is pretty much done. Either a wrist pin is loose or the connecting rod is wobbled out. Sanborn usually just replaces those when still under warranty, pumps rather than trying to repair them. We are a service center for Sanborn. 888 426 4778. They make that compressor for several names. Husky, Cobalt, Craftsman, Porter Cable, the list goes on. I have changed more of those pumps under warranty than any other Sanborn pump. They are not real reliable. I have replaced head gaskets, valve plates and more than anything, I have replaced the entire pumps. I do have a few here that I have gone through and fixed head gaskets, valves, etc. If the lowed end is in good shape, I salvage them and sell them as a re manufactured pump. I also suggest a heavier oil. I use a synthetic diester ISO 150. The same oil we use in high pressure breathing air compressors. It will double the life of the pump is you keep the oil clean. Those pumps run fast and hot regular SAE30 just doesn't hold up long. If you are interested, call and I can hook you up with a replacement pump.

Jun 02, 2018
Good stuff.
by: Doug in

So I guess the upshot is you didn't realise how hot it normally gets...

Thanks for letting us know.

Jun 02, 2018
Sanborn running noisey
by: Pat

Called Sanborn and they suggested changing oil, torqueing head and checking belt- easy fix, belt was super loose - installed new belt and issue resolved.

Jun 01, 2018
Hot and noisy Sanborn compressor
by: Doug in

Is it making pressure OK?

Can you characterise the noise?

Is the filter clean?

Try removing the belt, open the drain valve and turn the pump by hand - any noise or looseness? You should feel similar resistance and sound every half turn as one of the cylinders is compressing...

If that seems OK, check the check valve near the tank - it could be sticking causing the pump to work harder than normal against the tank pressure.

Let us know what you find.

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