sanborn comet regulator help

by david
(ames )

I have a sanborn comet air compressor. it is in working condition .

the problem is it only will get up to 40 psi .it is a 100 psi compressor according to the id label. the model number is 44A75-15 has a 15 gallon tank serial number 40107. it is old. when I turn the regulator valve it will go down but not up past 40. is the handle for the regulator a one piece unit. I don't want to break it.
I do not believe you have a compressed air regulator problem on your Sanborn Comet air compressor. Please read the pages on this site about air regulators and how they work to understand why your regulator will not dial up past the 40 PSI in your tank, David.

Then, also read the pages in the troubleshooting section about why air compressors run but don't build air pressure.

When you better understand the issues, then please add a comment here with specific questions about what you found.



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