Sanborn Black Max, B51-A24-80V1, 1991

by Katherine
(Geneva, FL 32732)

Black Max Compressor tank

Black Max Compressor tank

Black Max Compressor tank
Black Max Compressor pump
Black Max Compressor side view
Black Max Compressor sheave side

5 HP Electric Stationary Two Stage, Industrial B5900, 1991, Tank size 80 gal. vertical ASME, one owner.

My husband originally purchased this unit in 1993 and it has been kept in our workshop, clean and away from weather elements.

It was used occasionally for home projects and mostly on the weekends.

It was purchased brand new for $830 and that included all of the supporting accessories.

My husband passed away 4 years ago and the compressor has not been used during that time. Time to sell.

Yesterday I had an electrician check it out and it does fire-up and run.

There appears to be an oily leak coming from the motor, but we couldn't tell the source.

The buyer would have to come get it and haul it off.

I am moving out of state on 2/24/19, so this needs to be done soon.

What price range can I expect? I live in Geneva, FL (about 25 miles NE of Orlando, 20 miles E of Sanford, 12 miles W of Mims).

Thank you for your help!!

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Feb 08, 2019
by: Doug in

Well, as with cars, depends.

If it's been sitting with the drain open or it's dry inside the tank, that's good.

Next, OK, it runs, but like a car, does it move?

So if you didn't already, close the drain valve, turn it on and let it run for awhile. The pressure gauge on the tank should get to around 175 PSI, and then it should stop. By itself. Also good.

If the above two tests are OK, then you should be able to get $500. You might try advertising it for that or even 550. If it doesn't sell in a week or two, try 450. And so on.

You might try pitching to a local auto shop, too.

Good luck.

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